Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alright. I'm back.

Although not with a vengeance because I'm not Bruce Willis and I am feeling a little under the weather.

Short version - my week in summary: new shoes, closer to girlfriend, mumps.

Long version - I think that I may have mumps. I'm not sure (I will find out later today when I go to the doctors) but friends at university have got it and I am probably next. I have swollen salivary glands and am all hot and cold all the time (currently ok). My face is beginning to resemble that of a Tellytubbie. I am also horribly bloated (unrelated) and I am feeling beautiful today, oh yes.

I have noo shoos! They are light suede with black bits (Salomon) and 100% sexy and wonderful. Not too wide and not too hard. I wore my Merrell shoes every day for three years and they were great. I was going to have some more but I thought I'd give Salomon a whirl. My ski boots are Salomon and I love them. I have narrow flat feet (kinda like walking on 15cm rulers) so I have to be fussy over my shoes otherwise I feel like I'm walking in flippers.

It took me five minutes to buy them in Stratford. I was under pressure as M's parents were here but I couldn't help myself from making a bee-line for Blacks as soon as it came into view. They fitted with my "Babe on a Budget" theme as with my vouchers I only ended up spending  25. Great stuff.

But the best news is that I am no longer in a long distance relationship! I am in a "just down the road" relationship. I don't blog much about my relationship but I am really happy that M is here. I know that it is not going to be easy but we both have our eyes open and I am feeling really good about it. I am excited and a little scared but I just want to get on with living and enjoying my time with her.

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