Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fight The Power

I'm having mixed feeling right now.

I'm Angry, Tired, and Stressed.

I'm also thankful that My best friend Colby is okay after his first accident.

Deep inside I'm seething, I won't mentioned his name. Let's call him, "M" and he is with me in Mr,S's class. yes he is chubby and he could kick my ass. Instead of being a little shit and doing this whole "guerilla" warfare against me, I want him to confront me personally. I want to know just what the hell is his problem with me,
Oh yeah, Did I mention that i feel like a total outsider in "S" class. As a result, of me being a poor motherfucker and having a shitty computer, I don't think what my fellow classmates understand about my feeling is that you should be happy with what you have. Like a computer, I'm lucky to have a damn computer with Internet.

Did I mention that I FUCKING HATE ALMOST ALL COUNTRY MUSIC? If I have to hear that goddamn "cowgirl" song one more time, I'll skull fuck the station manager. Goddamn, Today's country songs either border on being jingostic or being a sad country bumpkin or something like that.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Oh, yes. The job I applied at buffalo's? I got it. and then after two weeks, i was promptly fired. WHY? Because according to the Kitchen manager,"I was too slow."
Here's the disturbing part, They've been talking about for awhile. But, It was kind of them to call me on my day off and tell I'm fired and that I didn't have to work the rest of the week.
Thanks, Miles and Gloria, for screwing me over.
Because of you,I now have a "Job security" Complex. Also, you have stirred up a cauldron of Odium. I have one question to ask: How long were these dicussions going on? If i had inkling of what was going on, I would've quit.
But the other people at Buffalo's, (like Cooks, waiter, and front people) have been really nice to me. It's a damn shame, they have to work with such Backstabbing managers.

School is about to start. I doubt Dad will be able to pay my school fine. (Which is around 60 some-odd dollars)
But that's just me.

Rock Wall climbing is fun. I tried today at the mall, and you know what? Once you get started, all you worry about is if the next climber-thingy will be big enough for your hands.
I got halfway before I quit.
When they were getting my straps off, I was shaking like a leaf. Even when Me,Mom and Matt where going around in the outdoorsman shop, looking at things, I was still shaking.
I Still can't believe I did it.
But I had a revelation after it. Maybe it was the adrenalin that was still rushing to my head. But, If I can pass the driver's test, I could still be in the road to self-improvement. If I can overcome my fears and stay on the right path, I could actually become successful.