Sunday, April 12, 2009

Words of wisdom from me...

People who repeatly whine about shit they can't control, should be considered vermin. Vermin who don't realize that their whining will not get them anywhere.
But if they lack the common sense to even acknowledge that their goddamn whining is grating on your nerves, Please consider punching them.

If you're gothic or Nikollas Kollman,please consider the following:

*No One Cares.
*Your whining and ignoring of my advice will only add to fury that I will unleash upon. (FOR NIKOLLAS KOLLMAN)
*Cheer the fuck up, you human equvialent of refuge, you have your whole entire life in front of you and you should be depressed after wasting your entire "Young Years".
*If you see me with flamethrower heading towards "Hot-Topics", RUN!
Because I will have no mercy.
*Irish people aren't depressed. They drown their sorrows in beer.
*Irish people don't whine.

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